Suntransfers Affiliate Marketing Program

Maximise your website’s earning potential through our competitive commission rates, regular incentives, and customer discounts and promotions. is one of Europe’s leading transfer service providers operating from 500+ airport, cruise port, and train stations in 115+ countries worldwide.

How to join’s Affiliate Program?

Create an account and join our Affiliate Program directly through Commission Junction. Apply to the program ID 4727627, and wait for approval or write to

Once you have filled in the form, choose the best material to add to your website. We have text links, static banners, flash banners, and a widget.


That’s it. You’re done! Now, you’re ready to start earning a commission from bookings made through your website.

Why be a part of’s Travel Affiliate Program? is a leading, globally recognised brand with over 15 years of experience in the transfer service industry.
With a 4.5-star rating on TripAdvisor from over 26,000 reviews, a range of great products, and access to regularly updated marketing materials that include creatives, links, widget, and a Whitelabel, we provide you with all the means necessary to increase your earning potential.

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How do we make it easier for you, the Publisher?


We’re here to support you from the first moment and will help you get started as soon as you join our program.

Personalised Marketing Materials

Want to promote a specific destination? Need a banner in a particular language? We can create bespoke banners and links for publishers with specific needs.

Deals and Offers

You’ll be the first to know when new deals and offers become available, allowing you to take advantage and increase your revenue by promoting destinations with discounted prices before anybody else.


Stay ahead of the game with our monthly newsletter, which features all our latest updates on deals, technology, and business news.

Incentive programs

To boost sales and keep you motivated, we create different incentives throughout the year. We also review and adjust commission rates based on performance and exposure.

Marketing Materials

Text Links

Our affiliate links record all the traffic sent to the website and are a simple tool with a high conversion rate that is easy to integrate.

Affiliate links also invite the possibility to integrate deep links to specific webpages, improving your customer’s overall experience.


A booking widget facilitates the booking process allowing a site visitor to look up the price of a transfer without being redirected to our homepage.

If the visitor wishes to book a transfer, they will be guided through our simple booking process to complete the sale.


Banners are a tried and tested format for showcasing new products and the best way to create awareness for’s transfer services.

Add our banners to your site or include them in your marketing and transactional emails to generate extra income. A full range of standard formats are available for you to use. Alternatively, work with our creative team to design bespoke or co-branded banners that suit your needs.

Other Technologies

At, we are continually looking to the future and ways to incorporate exciting new technologies that benefit both our business and our partners.

Currently, we are developing a Whitelabel that will allow you to integrate our technology and systems into your own, streamlining your earning potential and saving you both time and money.

Get in Touch

If you want to know more about how to join our online affiliate program, feel free to contact us at

We would be happy to chat about partnerships and which of our products will best suit your needs.


How can I join the Affiliate Program?
If you want to join our affiliate program, click here. Whether you need to create an account or log in to a preexisting account or a new one, you can find our affiliate program in CJ under the ID 4727627 and wait for approval.
How soon can I start earning?
The sooner you join the program, the quicker you can start earning. Once an affiliate partner, you can introduce links and widget onto your sites, which link back to ours. Any bookings made as a result of this will start earning your cash.
Can I use links or widget on more than one site?
Yes, as well as being able to use links and widgets across more than one site, you can also add multiple links and widget to a single page on a website.
If you want to learn more about how we work or how you can get the most out of a partnership with us, feel free to email us at
Does reward its affiliates?
Yes, for each booking made through your website, you’ll earn a commission. We also tailor-make promotions and deals specific to your company to help you get the most out of the program.
Can I request bespoke banners for a specific destination?
Yes, we can create bespoke banners for you to accommodate your desired size, language, and destination.
How Can I integrate the Widget?
Widget Integration is simple. For the complete process, log in to your affiliate network, navigate to the widget page, and follow the steps listed.
Do you offer deals and promotions to your users?
Yes, we regularly run promotions for different destinations that our users can take advantage of. When we do this, we will notify you in advance through our newsletter.
If you are not subscribed to our newsletter, please email with your affiliate ID and the affiliation network you use, and we will add you to our newsletter mailing list.