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  • Travelling to Dubai we experienced an unexpected schedule change by the airline. I was very grateful that you responded efficiently to my e-mail and were able to adjust my booking. We were picked up exactly as requested after a tiring overnight flight. Excellent service, thank you.

    Kommentar von Mr C (gereisst von Flughafen Dubai International nach Dubai Stadt in einem Privat Taxi)

  • Es war alles perfekt und sehr sehr gut von Ihnen organisiert. Wir waren bei beiden Fahrten sehr zufrieden mit dem Fahrer, dem Auto, der Pünktlichkeit und der Freundlichkeit.Wir werden Ihre Gesellschaft an unseren grossen Bekanntenkreis weiter empfehlen.

    Kommentar von Herr S (gereisst von Flughafen Abu Dhabi nach Abu Dhabi Stadt (alle Bezirke) in einem Privat Taxi)

  • por favor, tengan en cuenta que soy agencia de viajes asi que solo se que no he recibido quejas del servicio y eso es bastante! Un saludo Flavia Montaldo

    Kommentar von Sra M (gereisst von Flughafen Vigo nach Pontevedra in einem Premium Taxi)

  • Great service in Madrid for a fair price!

    Kommentar von Mr G (gereisst von Flughafen Madrid nach Madrid Stadt (alle Bezirke) in einem Privat Taxi)

  • The service did exactly what we wanted. Thanks.

    Kommentar von Mr M (gereisst von Barcelona Stadt (alle Bezirke) nach Flughafen Barcelona in einem Privat Taxi)

  • We booked your service from the airport at Dubai to our hotel a d return, and could not fault the service. By far the cheapest, but this did not detract from pubcurality, service and efficiency. Thank you very much, would certainly book again!

    Kommentar von Mrs B (gereisst von Flughafen Dubai International nach Jebel Ali in einem Privat Taxi)

  • Our destination was from Hotel to Lisbon Airport, driver arrived 5 mins before the time we booked. Good service and car was very clean & comfortable. Very satisfied with

    Kommentar von Mr L (gereisst von Lissabon Stadt (alle Bezirke) nach Flughafen Lissabon in einem Privat Taxi)

  • Going to Madrid airport, driver was professional and courteous

    Kommentar von Mr S (gereisst von Madrid Stadt (alle Bezirke) nach Flughafen Madrid in einem Privat Taxi)

  • Eveything was very nice.

    Kommentar von Mrs S (gereisst von Zürich Stadt (alle Bezirke) nach Flughafen Zürich in einem Privat Taxi)

  • We visited Vienna. The driver was awaiting our plane as expected and was early for the return journey. He was helpful and courteous. The onlyproblem was with paying for the booking as the website would not accvept my cards, but your assistant realised I was having trouble and rang so that I [paid over the phone - in the end very helpful.

    Kommentar von Mr D (gereisst von Flughafen Wien nach Wien Stadt (alle Bezirke) in einem Privat Taxi)

  • The driver was pleasant, kind, knowledgeable and explain sites as we traveled to our hotel eventho it was late night. He had a sign with my name. We were on the wrong side of the airport but found him with a little help. Thanks and May GOD BLESS

    Kommentar von Ms R (gereisst von Flughafen Basel nach Basel Stadt (alle Bezirke) in einem Privat Taxi)

  • Drivers were on time and very helpful.The driver pointed out that I had made a slight mistake with the address which will be very helpful for the future trips to this location.We travelled to Olhus de agua

    Kommentar von Mr W (gereisst von Flughafen Faro nach Olhos d'Agua in einem Privat Taxi)

  • impressed that driver waiting on arrival despite flight being 45mins late. driver on return only 5 minutes late which I consider acceptable. Overall an excellent service - would recommend

    Kommentar von Mr E (gereisst von Flughafen Teneriffa Süd nach Golf del Sur in einem Privat Taxi)

  • I would certainly recommend this company to my friends. Drivers are courteous and on time. And, I can change the time for pick up very easily. The communication is excellent.

    Kommentar von Ms C (gereisst von Flughafen Paphos nach Kato Paphos in einem Privat Taxi)

  • To the Lisboa Airport. Driver was 30 min early, and I was 10 min Late. Driver was our best experience in Portugal! Absolutely brilliant. Should have gotten his name. If only the rest of Portugal had been up to the same standard!

    Kommentar von Mr S (gereisst von Amadora nach Flughafen Lissabon in einem Premium Taxi)


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