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Ressenyes sobre trasllats a l'Aeroport de Munic

El primer conductor fue muy amable y gracias a su profesionalidad supo resolver sobre la un pequeño incidente con la direccion del hotel. Fue muy rapido, eficaz y amable.

Comment by Mr M (travelled from Aeroport de Munic to Munic centre ciutat in a Taxi privat)

Excellent vehicle and service. Both drivers polite and friendly. Highly reccomended.

Comment by Mr M (travelled from Aeroport de Munic to Scheffau am Wilden Kaiser in a Minibús privat)

Our driver, karina made a massive difference in our whole experience. She was courteous, understanding, al,out smiling, welcoming and very professional. The entire family loved her and her driving was very good too. It is driver like her that will make your company have repeat customers and leave them happy. The only hiccup was the car seat we requested was too small for our child. Maybe you need ask for the weight of the child next time or ask more details as to what time of infant seat is required plus our older children needed better quality booster seats.

Comment by Mr S (travelled from Aeroport de Munic to Jochberg in a Minivan Premium)

El vehicle perfecte per a tu

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